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آب گرم کن ها

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آب گرم کن ها
آب گرم کن ها

Flat immersion heater:Power from 0,5 kW to 15 kW
With a fixing bracket for an easy installation on the side of the tank
Minimum bulk
Models adapted to all installations on the side of the tank. With a PVDF or PP fixing bracket to secure the heater on the side. Recommended up to 6 kW.

آب گرم کن ها
آب گرم کن ها
115 - 21 000 W

Immersion heater:Features
The Hotwatt Immersion Heater may be supplied with various junction boxes for additional terminal or lead protection.
For corrosive environments, units can be supplied in other special alloys best suited to the operating conditions.
The lead end of the unit may be sealed for extreme environmental conditions.

آب گرم کن ها
آب گرم کن ها
1 000 - 12 000 W

Flat immersion heater:The PTFE immersion heaters, manufactured by Vulcanic, are available for use in both horizontal and vertical orientations. They come in different models, with power ranges of 1,000 W to 12,000 W, and voltage ratings from 230 V to 400 V.
The heaters are applicable for use in chemical industry products, specifically for highly concentrated nitric, sulfuric, and hydrofluoric acids.

آب گرم کن ها
آب گرم کن ها
100 °C | FIREROD

Immersion heater:FIREROD® water immersion heaters are ideal for replacing large screw-plug immersion heaters. The heater packages up to 300 W/in2 (46.5 W/cm2) in a compact unit.

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